Multi-Level Cat Climbing  Tree

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Provides Exercise: The Cat Climbing Tree encourages physical activity and exercise for cats. Climbing the tower, playing with the toys, scratching the posts, and jumping from one level to another can provide a fun and engaging workout for cats that can help them stay physically fit.

Reduces Boredom: Cats are known to get bored easily, and boredom can lead to destructive behavior. The Cat Climbing Tree provides cats with a variety of activities to keep them entertained and engaged, which can help reduce their stress levels and prevent destructive behavior.

Relieves Stress: Cats can get stressed out for a variety of reasons, including changes in routine, loud noises, and even boredom. The Cat Climbing Tree provides a safe and comfortable space for cats to retreat to when they feel overwhelmed, which can help reduce their stress levels and promote relaxation.

Promotes Healthy Scratching: Cats naturally love to scratch, but it can be frustrating for cat owners when their cats scratch furniture or other household items. The Cat Climbing Tree offers multiple scratching posts that can help redirect cats’ scratching behavior to a more appropriate location, which can help promote healthy scratching habits.

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48 x 32 x 45cm


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