Fish Shape Sisal Rope Cat Scratch Board

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This cat scratcher is suitable for cats, kittens and other small animals, which is able to arouse pet’s instinct for playing and encourage your baby to be active. So your cat can stretch and relax.

  • Reliable Material: This colorful fish-shaped sisal cat scratch toy is made of sturdy sisal fabric, which is highly resilient, durable and safe for your cat, and you don’t need to replace it as often.
  • Distract Cat’s Attention: This colorful fish-shaped sisal cat scratch board will distract your pet from the furniture. It helps you protect your furniture from claw damage, so you never worry that your cat will grind its claws on your treasured furniture.
  • Flexible and Fun: The scratching pad is flexible and comes with a string so you can use it anywhere (sofa, floor, carpet, etc.). You can also hang the pad on the wall so your cat can reach it.
  • Relieve Stress: This colorful fish-shaped sisal cat scratch board supports the bond between you and your cat. With this toy, you can make your pet more active and playful.

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