Toi-Moi Natura Unscented Clumping Cat Litter


Available in 5Kg & 10KG – We deliver what we get from nature in the most natural way.

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We have carefully considered every need of our cats, whose sense of smell is 14 times better than that of humans.

Highly absorbent, Toi Moi Cat Litter does not contain harmful chemicals. Our top priority is both the health and comfort of our cats, with its structure that traps the odor very well, and its ultra-clumping and dust-free use.

Strong and Fast Clumping:

Our Toi Moi cat litter products, produced from bentonite raw material, have extra clumping power.

Liquid Absorption:

Toi Moi cat litter, which has a liquid absorption capacity of 260% – 400%, traps the odors of solid-liquid wastes very well.

Dust Free Rate:

It allows both cats and you to live in a healthy, dust-free environment with its 99.8% dust-free rate.

Odor Free:

It traps the odor directly. It provides refreshment with scents such as Marseille soap, lavender, baby powder.

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5Kg, 10Kg


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