Inactive Brewer’s Yeast for Cage Birds

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YeastStock is an Inactive Brewer’s Yeast that supports the healthy development of cage birds such as canaries, budgerigar, pigeons, tropical birds.

It is a very beneficial nutritional supplement with Inactive Brewer’s Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and amino acids. It contains Vitamin B, minerals and rich trace elements. The quality yeast provides balanced regulation of the biological processes in the pigeons’ body with the vitamins in its content.

Amino acids and vitamins from inactive brewer’s yeast;

  • It helps to eliminate stress and the problems caused by
  • It helps to regulate liver metabolism which may be worn after use of antibiotics and color paints.
  • It eases and speeds the feather shedding during molting season and it also provides brilliant, shiny and firm feathers.
  • It increases the energy of birds.

Probiotics from Inactive Brewer’s Yeast; provides more benefit from food by regulating the digestive system.


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