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Dogs & other warm-blooded animals are especially prone to catching fleas in warm-weathered climates or during the summer months when air temperatures and humidity levels are high. Dogs can catch fleas from other furry friends, or from the environment. Fleas use their strong back legs to jump on the “host” (your dog) and then bite the animal. These bites can cause itching, hair-loss & hot-spots from itching, inflamed lesions and even skin infections. You may also notice small dirt-like particles on your pet – which is flea feces and digested blood.

The female fleas can live up to a few weeks on your pet, and may lay between 20-30 eggs a day during that time. Some eggs will hatch into larvae on your pet, while the others fall off, into your home environment –  where they feed off skin scales and other organic matter. Pet parents must treat both the dog as well as the inside & outside home environments. We recommend using Groomer’s Salon Select Flea Shampoo in conjunction with our Richard’s Organics Flea & Tick Home & Bedding Spray.



For use only on dogs. Gently cleanses & exfoliates skin & coat. Leaves the coat soft & shining. Also helps soothe irritated skin due to Flea bites.



Thoroughly soak animal with warm water taking 2-3 minutes to thoroughly wet hair. Do not apply shampoo around eyes. Apply shampoo on head and ears, then lather; repeat procedure with neck, chest, middle and hind quarters, finishing legs last. Let animal stand 10 minutes (this is an important part of the grooming procedure), then rinse animal thoroughly. In extremely dirty or scaly animals, the above procedure may be repeated. Pet bedding and quarters should be treated simultaneously with an approved product. Wash hands after handling. Do not reapply product for one week. Please use the following amount of shampoo depending upon the size of your dog: • Less than 20lb: 0.5oz  • 20-50lb: 1.5oz • 50lb or more: 2.5oz



Permethrin (3-Phenoxyphenyl) methyl (+/–) cis/trans-3 (2,2-dichloroethenyl) – dimethyl cyclopropanecarboxylate .0.65% INERT INGREDIENTS:99.35%

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