Cat Litter Box

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  • Simple and stylish cat litter box, easy to clean
  • Detachable: The base of the fence can be removed for easy replacement of cat litter and cleaning the inner wall
  • High Fence Design: Curved high fence design effectively prevents cat litter from being splashed
  • Buckle fixing: There are one buckle fixed on the sides of the fence and the base, there is no need to worry about the fence and the base separating when using the toilet
  • Compared with the closed type, the air in the semi-closed cat litter box is easier to circulate to reduce the breeding of bacteria, which is convenient and hygienic


  • Instructions for use:
    01. Put a layer of cat litter with a thickness of 3-4CM in the cat litter pot
    02. Regularly clean the sand after use to keep the cat litter box clean
    03. If there are multiple cats in the house, the cycle of changing cat litter can be shortened according to the proportion
    04. Cat litter after adsorption saturation is removed from the basin in time

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