Amino Acid, Vitamin and Electrolyte, For Ornamental Birds and Pigeons

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Bio-Avivitaminosol is a liquid premix that contains balanced amino acids, vitamins and electrolyte to support the healthy development of tropical birds and pigeons. It strengthens the general condition and gives energy to birds and help ease feelings of fatigue and illness.

-It detoxifies the liver.

-It strengthens the muscles, prevents cramps and improves flight performance.

-It helps in the formation of new feathers.

-After antibiotic treatment and vaccination, it brings the body regimen to its stable level.




Choline chloride supports faster growth of the juveniles by increasing the activity of amino acids. It also prevents accumulation of fat in the liver.

High density amino acids (L-Methionine, L-Lysine) and Biotin promote the healthier and brighter growth of the feather.

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